Welsh Settlers In Johnson & Iowa Counties, Iowa
Genealogies and Histories of some of the first Welsh Settlers
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Williams Family Tree

Williams Sources
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Ann Evans & Children  (Click to see larger photo)
Ann & Children:
Top: Sarah, John, Jennie
Bot: Mary Pugh, Ann, David Pugh, Richard Pugh

Gravestones Richard,Ann,Richard Pugh
John & Nellie

The Williams Family

Richard Williams   Ann Evans
No known photo exists of Richard Williams
1814 - 1860
RICHARD WILLIAMS was born in 1814 in Montgomeryshire, Wales and immigrated to America, probably to the Welsh settlement in Ebensburg, Pa. He eventually migrating to Iowa in 1844, possibly before; first to Johnson Co. with his 1st wife JANE TUDOR, then to Iowa Co. after she died. There, he married his 2nd wife ANN EVANS in 1851. In 1854, he founded Williamsburg, which was named for him.
ANN EVANS was born in 1820 in Montgomeryshire Wales and immigrated with her siblings and thier (future) spouses to Ohio in 1840. Ann married her 1st husband, RICHARD PUGH, in Ohio, then all migrated to Troy Township, Iowa Co. Iowa in 1844. Richard and Jane had one child: Elizabeth Williams. Ann and Richard Pugh had three children: Richard Pugh Jr., David Pugh, and Mary Ann Pugh. Richard and Ann are buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Williamsburg.
Ann Evans
1820 - 1885
Sarah M Williams = Edward H. Jones
Sarah M Williams
1852 - 1940
SARAH M. WILLIAMS was born in Troy Township, Iowa. She married EDWARD H. JONES on Nov 7, 1877 in Williamsburg. Edward was born in 1852 on Rhyd'r Aderyn, Cemmes, Montgomeryshire, Wales and came to America with his parents at age 18. Sarah lived in Williamsburg all of her life, except between 1909 and 1915 when she lived in Marengo while Edward was the Iowa County Treasurer. Sarah and Edward had five children: David Ambrose Jones, Margaret Ann Jones, Osborne Edward Jones, John Francis Jones, and William Charles Jones. Saran and Edward are both buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Williamsburg.
Jennie Williams  = Thomas P. Jones
Jennie Williams
1854 - 1895
JENNIE WILLIAMS was born in Williamsburg (Troy Township). She married THOMAS P. JONES in Iowa. Thomas was born 1850 in Utica, Oneida Co, New York. They moved to California between 1886 and 1888. Jennie and Thomas had six children: Maud Jones, Harry P. Jones, Ella B. Jones, Elizabeth Jones, Jennie Jones, and Judith May Jones. Jennie was buried at Bear Valley (now Valley Center), San Diego County, California.
John M Williams   = Nellie Belle Walker
John M Williams
1856 - 1934
JOHN M. WILLIAMS was born in Williamsburg. In 1882 he migrated to Colorado, then in that same year to Idaho, where he married NELLIE BELLE WALKER near Southwick, Nez Perce Co. in 1890. Among other occupations, he was a school teacher, assessor and tax collector, surveyor, and farmer. They lived in Idaho, Oregon, and California before settling in Santa Cruz, Ca. Nellie was a school teacher on an indian reservation in Idaho. John and Nellie had three children: Willis Williams, Hazel Williams, and Ruth Williams. John and Nellie are both buried at Oakwood Memorial Cemetery, Santa Cruz, California.