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Pioneer Recollections, 1941

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146 Pioneer Recollections    
Will R. Evans Store
   This interior view of the old store shows D. Milton Jones and Mr. Evans at left; L. K. Parkhurst, Pioneer grocery salesman in center and Ray Mayne at the right.
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From Judge H. D. Evans
Mr. Harley Ransom,
Williamsburg, Iowa.
My Dear Harley:
   In connection with "Pioneer Recollections" that you are about to publish it  occurs to me that some  informa- tion that I have relative to the earlier settlers around Williamsburg might be of interest. This information I received from my father, Will R. Evans, and from his notes and recollections that he had reduced to writing and I quote from what he had written prior to his death.
  "My father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Evan Evans, to- gether with Richard Pugh and William Evans, sailed down the Ohio river from Cincinatti in early December, 1844. They crossed the Mississippi at Muscatine, then drove to what is now Troy Township, then a part of the Louisiana Purchase, and called the "New Purchase," set- tled by the Indians.
   On a little hill southeast of  where Williamsburg  is now located and right east of the Catholic cemetery three log cabins were built  in the winter of 1844 and 1845, and in the spring some small patches of ground were