Welsh Settlers In Johnson & Iowa Counties, Iowa
Genealogies and Histories of some of the first Welsh Settlers
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2008-11-23 John Jones letter and Richard Williams Letter update

   Added an 1861 John Jones letter to Richard Williams' estate.

2008-07-05 History of the Welsh in America ("Hanes Cymry America"), 1872

Williamsburg, Iowa - November 1870 :
The Settlements and the Welsh Churches
Hanes Cymry America, (translation) Univeristy Press of America, 1983

2005-04-05 Williamsburg Congregational Church 77 year History

Williamsburg Congregational Church History:
Iowa County's Oldest, Observes 77th Anniversary
The Cedar Rapids Gazette, Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa; 1933

2005-01-16 Unity Church 50 year History - Photos

Unity Presbyterian Church History: Fifty Years of Church Life
Added photos of Matthew H. Carson, Emma (Thomas) Carson, the Rev. Handly Family, Jennie (Williams) Hardy, Oliver Williams and the Thomas & Ann (Thomas) Williams Family. Contributed by Shirley Schmelzer.

2004-12-12 Unity Church 50 year History

Unity Presbyterian Church History: Fifty Years of Church Life
The Iowa City Citizen, Iowa City, Johnson County, Iowa; Tuesday, 26 February, 1909

2004-03-06 Breese Family page and Biography page

   Added John Breese & Mary Breese Family group sheet.

2003-02-13 Evan Evans Family page

   Added Evan D. Evans Family group sheet.

2003-02-12 Baxter Family page

   Added more information. Included additional children and added spouse details.

2002-12-07 Richard Williams Letter

   Added Richard Williams' 1860 letter to a brother.

2002-10-30 Pugh Family page

   Added Richard Pugh & Ann Evans Family group sheet.

2002-10-17 Tudor Family page

   Added Edward Tudor biography. This revealed additional children as well.

2002-09-25 E. T. Williams Family page

   Added Edward T. Williams & Phebe C. Wilson Family group sheet.

2002-09-22 Tudor Family page

   Added Richard Tudor & Elizabeth Lumley Family group sheet.

2002-08-27 Williams Family page

   Added Richard Williams & Ann Evans Family group sheet, including photos.

2002-08-15 Family Ties page

   Added Family Ties Page.

2002-08-10 Baxter Family page, Reorganization

   Reorganized Home page and added home page graphic
   Added the first of the Family group sheets: John Baxter, including photos.
   Moved Chronology column to "Journeys" page (was "Narrative" page)
   Moved "Updates" to this new "What's New" page
   Added Sharon & Union Township Census information pages
   Added 1860 census page for Troy Twp, Iowa Co, Iowa.

2002-05-10 maintenance: Made Netscape compatible

   Made all pages Netscape 4.07 compatible.

2002-05-05 maintenance: Corrections

    Corrected page and link errors.

2002-04-03 Website Created and Launched