Welsh Settlers In Johnson & Iowa Counties, Iowa
Genealogies and Histories of some of the first Welsh Settlers
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About This Site
This site is for those interested in the Welsh in America and more specifically the Welsh in Johnson and Iowa counties. My intention is to gather and share histories, genealogies, and genealogical source information of Welsh settlers in Johnson, Iowa and Louisa counties. I would love to have contact with those interested in Welsh settlements and interested relatives. Any further information you might have about Welsh settlers is very welcome.

About me
My name is Stephen David Williams (Richard L., Willis, John M., Richard). Richard Williams and Ann Evans, are my great-great-grandparents. I started genealogical research in earnest at the beginning of 2002. I became interested in the Welsh settlements of Johnson and Iowa counties while researching my great-great-grandfather, Richard Williams (1814 - 1860), who came to America from Wales and lived in Welsh settlements in both of these counties.

Contact Info
Please send all inquiries to Steve WilliamsEnable Javascript to reveal email.  I'll respond as soon as possible.


Many thanks for the contributions of the following people:

Kathleen Jones, John Engelmann, Gwawr Jones, Connie (Tudor) Lynch, Netha Meyer, Richard Pugh, Jeanne Schwimley, David W. Williams, Jeff Gurvine and others.

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