Welsh Settlers In Johnson & Iowa Counties, Iowa
Genealogies and Histories of some of the first Welsh Settlers
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Pugh Family

Pugh Sources

Johnson County History: Welsh Church

Williamsburg History: Page 242

Pioneer Recollections: Judge H. D. Evans Letter - Williamsburg beginning
Pioneer Recollections: Williamsburg

1850 Green Township Census (transcript): Pugh, Evans

1851 Iowa State Census (image): Pugh, Williams, Evans

1856 Iowa State Census (image): Pugh, Williams

1860 Troy Twp Census (image): Pugh, Williams


Ann Evans & Children  (Click to see larger photo)
Ann & Children:
Top: Sarah, John, Jennie Williams
Bot: Mary Pugh, Ann, David Pugh, Richard Pugh

Gravestones Richard,Ann,Richard Pugh
Richard Pugh
Ann Evans

The Pugh Family

Richard Pugh   Ann Evans
No known photo exists of Richard Pugh
1805 - 1850
RICHARD PUGH, SR. was born 1805 in Montgomeryshire, Wales, and died August 03, 1850 in Troy Twp, Iowa Co, Iowa. He married ANN EVANS April 11, 1844 in Hamilton Co, Ohio, daughter of DAVID EVANS and JANE EVANS. She was born January 14, 1820 in Montgomeryshire, Wales, and died July 02, 1885 in Williamsburg, Iowa. Richard and Ann immigrated with Ann's siblings and (future) spouses to Ohio in 1840.

Burial: Oak Hill Cem, Williamsburg, Iowa
Residence: Bef. 1841, Llanbrynmair, Montgomeryshire, Wales

More About ANN EVANS:
Burial: Oak Hill Cem, Williamsburg, Iowa
Residence: Bef. 1841, Carno, Montgomeryshire, Wales.
Marriage: ANN remarried to RICHARD WILLIAMS.

Ann Evans
1820 - 1885
Richard Pugh = Sarah Jones
Richard Pugh Jr.
1847 - 1885
RICHARD PUGH, JR. was born March 11, 1847 in Williamburg, Iowa, and died January 28, 1885 in Williamburg, Iowa. He married SARAH JONES April 19, 1876. She was born April 21, 1849 in Breckonshire, South Wales, and died October 21, 1940 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Occupation: 1880, Farmer

Children of RICHARD PUGH and SARAH JONES are:
i. ANNE WINIFRED PUGH, b. August 31, 1878, Williamsburg, Iowa; d. November 18, 1952, Long Beach, California.
ii. RICHARD ELMER PUGH, b. January 01, 1881, Williamsburg, Iowa; d. April 30, 1933, Williamsburg, Iowa.
iii. DAVID R. PUGH, b. May 22, 1885, Williamsburg, Iowa; d. August 14, 1971, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

David Pugh        = Sarah A. Jones
David Pugh
1849 - 1883
DAVID PUGH was born February 06, 1849 in Williamburg, Iowa, and died April 04, 1883 in Williamburg, Iowa. He married SARAH A. JONES. She was born June 24, 1857 in Williamsburg, Iowa, and died April 09, 1934 in Williamsburg, Iowa.

More About DAVID PUGH:
Occupation: 1880, Farmer

Children of DAVID PUGH and SARAH JONES are:
i. ANNIE PUGH, b. Abt. 1879. (Same child as Anna?)
ii. ALBERT PUGH, b. August 22, 1881, Williamsburg, Iowa; d. November 1881, Williamsburg, Iowa.
iii. ARTHUR PUGH, b. September 15, 1882, Williamsburg, Iowa; d. December 1882, Williamsburg, Iowa.
iv. ANNA PUGH, b. September 17, 1882, Williamsburg, Iowa; d. 1885, Williamsburg, Iowa.

Mary Ann Pugh   = Thomas Edgar Gittins
Mary Ann Pugh
1850 - 1936
MARY ANN PUGH (RICHARD) was born December 06, 1850 in Troy Twp, Iowa Co, Iowa, and died July 22, 1936 in Williamsburg, Iowa. She married THOMAS EDGAR GITTINS March 14, 1878 in Williamsburg, Iowa, son of RICHARD GITTINS and ELIZABETH DAVIES. He was born June 10, 1850 in Racine, Wisconsin, and died April 22, 1917 in Iowa City, Iowa.

Occupation: 1880, Farmer

Children of MARY PUGH and THOMAS GITTINS are:
8. iii. CLARA GITTINS, b. February 10, 1879, Near Williamsburg, Iowa; d. June 20, 1972, Near Williamsburg, Iowa.
9. iv. ANN ELIZABETH GITTINS, b. March 16, 1883, Williamsburg, Iowa; d. June 05, 1955, Washington, DC.
10. v. GETRUDE GITTINS, b. February 05, 1885, Williamsburg, Iowa; d. January 30, 1972, Fort Jefferson, New York.
11. vi. EDWARD MILTON GITTINS, b. August 10, 1886, Williamsburg, Iowa; d. October 14, 1965, Williamsburg, Iowa.
12. vii. JENNIE (JANE) GITTINS, b. September 30, 1888, Williamsburg, Iowa; d. October 07, 1981, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
13. viii. M.D. THOMAS ROY GITTINS, M.D., b. March 10, 1891, Williamsburg, Iowa; d. August 08, 1967, Santa Monica, California.