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This letter was found in Richard Williams' probate packet at the Iowa County Courthouse, Clerk of Court, Marengo, Iowa.

It accompanied the letter written by Richard Williams 44 days before Richard died, bringing the Richard Williams letter back from whence it came.

Richard Williams Letter

1861 Letter from John Jones to his brother Richard Williams' estate


Richard Williams
To John Jones     Dr. [draft?]

To Cash loaned about May 1st 1860 $100,00
" Int's on same from May 1st 1860    ~

I John Jones on oath say that about the 1st day of May AD 1860 I sent to my brother Richard Williams One hundred dollars as by his letter hereto annexed marked "A" will appear. I further say that s'd money was sent to him to purchase for me a certain piece of land in Williamsburgh Iowa, which he had solicited me to buy, but the money reaching him too late, the land was not purchased and the money so sent to him was retained by him as appears by the ofr'd letter, and has never been paid to me or to any person authorised by me to receive the same, but is now due and owing to me from him or his Estate.
     John Jones [signed]

State of Vermont of Personally appeared John Jones Rutland County above named this 8th day of July AD 1861 and made oath that the above affidavit by him subscribed is made precably [?] to the truth

Before me H'e Wood Notary Public


[verso. the following is affixed to the upper back of the preceding letter and is pre-printed except that which is denoted by __underscore__ ]

State of Vermont,      )
                                  } Rutland, SS.
County Clerk's Office. )

[Emblem of Vermont stating "Vermont Freedom & Unity"]
I, FREDERICK W. HOPKINS, Clerk of the County Court for the County of Rutland, being a Court of Record and having a Seal as herto attached, do certify that ____Horace G. Wood___________________ Esq., was at the date of the paper writings to which this is attached, and now is a Notary Public, within and for said County, duly commissioned and qualified; that his signature to the foregoing jurat and certificate, is genuine and that the said paper writings are executed.....................according to the laws of this State, and are in due form, and that as such officer, he is duly authirised by the laws of this State to take acknowledgements of deeds and depositions, and to administer oaths, Etc.

[Seal: "Rutland County Court, Vermont"]
In Testimony Whereof, I have herunto set my hand and affixed the Seal of the Court at Rutland, this __Ninth_________
day of __July_______________Anno Domini, one thousand
Court, eight hundred and __Sixty one___
      _F. W. Hopkins___ Clerk,

[handwritten directly on to the lower half of the back of the letter]

$ 100.00
Estate of

Rich'd Williams dec'd
Filed Aug 20th AD 1861.
Wm H Wallace
Co Judge
John Jones af
alld Aug 23rd AD 1861.

[transcribed by Stephen Williams, 14 Feb 2008]