Welsh Settlers In Johnson & Iowa Counties, Iowa
Genealogies and Histories of some of the first Welsh Settlers
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Irish Cattle Fair

Can anyone identify Where and When this photograph was taken?
Thanks for any help you can offer. - Steve

You may notice the header above. The only "Welsh" connection is that my great-grandfather John M. Williams, owned this picture. His father and mother came from Wales.

It appears that the boats in the water are of the Curragh type.  Also, it appear that there is a high tide mark on the building to the right.  The hotel across the water (see close-up below) could be something like SeaView or BayView Hotel.

Click on the photo if you would like to view an enlarged image.  See close-ups (below) of some of the people, and their dress.  Also see the close-up (bottom photo) of the store front and hotel across the water for identifying marks.

E-mail me at Steve Williams. Thanks!

Click for larger image

Here are various close-ups of people selected from the above photo:

Close-up and enhancement of the building front and hotel across the water. Says: "??? View Hotel", and what looks like "Posting Estab." One person suggested that "posting establishment" meant that you could board your horse at the same location (as opposed to down the street at the livery stable).