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  Edward Tudor - Youngest of the Tudor brothers. Land may have been put in his name after his father, Richard, died in 1868.
  Hugh Tudor - Eldest son of Richard Tudor. Richard Williams was found in his household in the 1850 census. Richard's wife and Hugh's sister, Jane, died two years earlier.
  David H. Jones - Elizabeth, infant daughter of Richard & Jane Williams, was found in this household in the 1850 census.
  Edward T. Williams - not a known relative of Richard Williams. Edward died in 1866, but his land is still held in his name.
  R. Williams - Is this the other Richard Williams or Edward's son, Robert?
  R. & E. Williams - This may be land jointly held by Edward and his son Robert.
Map of Union Township, Johnson Co, Iowa

This map, printed in 1870, shows properties owners.  Colored sections denote people of interest so far.  We know that E. T. Williams shown on the map died in 1866, yet his name stands as the property owner. This may also be the case for a few of others shown on the map.

It is interesting to speculate about the relationships of these, mostly Welsh settlers. See the legend with notes to the left.

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